Outside-the-box enthusiast looking to meet and help others
Hello everyone,

My name is Michael Flores, but I go by Eric. I am a electrical engineering discipline who is pursuing an Masters in Business Administration. I always had an interest in quality be it in workmanship, or in even in aesthetics of products. I am in the energy industry (oil & gas), but I am interested in other industries that involve technical related challenges. The current challenge going through my mind right now is how can we re-brand companies and take a new strategic direction without having highly impactful (negative) consequences? What I hope to achieve by joining ASQ is to:
  1. Obtain resources to help study and pass my LSSGB certification
  2. Meet like-minded individuals who wish to pay-it-forward and help others
  3. Learn and adopt new innovative thinking that I can help out in the future
I look forward to meeting you, and hope I can add value to you in the future.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi @Michael Flores - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for becoming a member!  We have a LOT of conversations here on green belt https://my.asq.org/search?query=ssgb & https://my.asq.org/search?query=Green+Belt .  Let me know if I can be of further assistance :D