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I am Robert L. Turocy (call me Bob) and have been in the medical device community nearly 40 years. I starter as a senior mechanical designer then migrated to product safety and finally in the regulatory/quality domains. I have been and continue to consult in the ionizing radiation industry specifically x-ray, nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance, and lasers. Currently my main attraction and focus is on auditing of quality management systems as well as assisting the ASQ Medical Device Division. Considered as an Advanced Regulatory/Quality developer/designer/architect. 

Who would I like to meet at ASQ? The many persons who will contribute towards the advancement and continuous improvement of the medical community especially in products, systems, standards, processes, etc. which contribute towards the betterment of human life.


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Trish Borzon
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Hi Robert Turocy‍ (Bob) - Welcome to myASQ & thank you for all your years of membership (And congratulations on being a Fellow Member!).  I'm sure you'll be able to assist several of our members with answers to their questions. 
Thanks for joining us here!  Please let me know if there's anything I can help you with. 
Trish: Thanks, will do.  Bob