Marquis Sims-McCoy
Hello Everyone, My is Marquis Sims-McCoy and I work in the quality department for a third party supplement manufacturer. I just received my MA degree this past July am I am very new to industry. I look forward to getting insight on industry related topics and just getting all the information I can about how I can make my facility thrive! 

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Trish Borzon
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Hi Marquis Sims-Mccoy‍ - Welcome to myASQ and thanks for becoming a member!  Since you just joined you might not have received the monthly member gift email that's sent the first of every month.  To download the latest go to 
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Thomas Reed
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Hi Marquis Sims-Mccoy‍, Phila area and NJ area are pharma heavy, and this week the Princeton NJ Section has a wonderful free full-day online event that will have nuggets on ways to vision long term your facility thriving. Here is the announcement page. Be sure to open "more info" and download/view the slide deck of the agenda. Attending online a  full day may not be doable, but might lend to obtaining presentation decks after the event. Good luck!