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Long-time associate, new first-time member.  I have worked in (and peripherally around) Quality for the last 20 years but never felt worthy enough to validate/certify myself through accredited organizations.
I'm Shawn Varela from the Connecticut area.  Recently, (with the stay-at-home issue) I have found the time to load up on certifications.  Does anyone have a background in NQA-1?
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Shawn Varela‍ - welcome to myASQ and Thank you for becoming a member!!  You are Worthy!  :D  (Wayne's World reference - which might be dating me) - haha 
At least working from home has brought about some good things. It's always good to improve yourself. 
I did a quick search on NQA-1 on and found this overview  and perhaps check out the Energy and Environmental Division.  I also searched here on myASQ and found 

Gretchen Peterson‍ our research librarian might be able to point you to more specific information.  Do you have anything specific about NQA-1 that you're looking for? 

I'm tagging a few other people who might be able to provide some insights on it - Nathaniel Price‍ , Kevin PoseyHeath Low‍ 

Let me know if you have any questions.  Happy to help
Wow, Trish, you are thorough! You have really upped the standard for me to get involved. 
do  have NQA-1 parts I-IV certification, and lead auditor certification. Unfortunately, I haven't performed an audit under a lead auditor for my final phase of qualification. (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!) I was wondering if I could participate as a Quality Specialist (20 yrs worth of exp.) on someone's audit for free.   I think I will need to visit the Energy and Environment Division discussion boards.  
Amazing, Trish! I am overwhelmed with your wealth of knowledge and familiarity with these discussion boards. You are just the best. Party on, Trish!
Duke Okes
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Trish Borzon
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Duke Okes‍ - you are awesome!  wow - thanks
Hi Shawn Varela‍, 

You might want to review this Quality Progress article:

And here are some additional results you might want to take a peek at:[]

I hope this helps!

I regret it has taken this long to say 'thank you' to everyone who has responded to my post.  This is a credit to the relevance and the depth of all the information you have posted.  Let this post serve as an example to the community, this society, that just embodies helpfulness.  Thank you again everyone!