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My name is Brian Carson. My level of quality experience would be mid-career. I work in the manufacturing industry. My company is relatively small with only three main production lines. My current goal is to implement some type of SPC software to import our existing manually entered data from Excel spreadsheets to analyze historical trends and current production runs. I would appreciate any assistance or recommendations.
Thank you and nice meeting everyone.
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Hi Brian Carson‍ - Welcome to myASQ and thanks for being a member!  I'm going to tag Duke Okes‍ and Alexander Kholodov‍, who have answered a couple other questions on the topic.  

I know of Infinity IQS - but only because they've sponsored some of our events.  But..I'm not a user, so I can't give you a review ;)

There are a couple of other discussion on SPC in general

Let me know if we can help you further

PS - you should upload a picture, people respond better - have a great day
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I recently saw a description of some software I think titled "Trendable" that may be targeted specifically at companies your size and your application.
Here's their website:

Note: This is not a recommendation or endorsement of the company or their software.
Thank you Trish
Thank you Duke. I will check out their website.
Hi Brian,

I have had some good experience with Minitab (NB: this is not a recommendation or endorsement of the company or their software), please, check this out here:
As the versions of the program evolved, I have noticed some improvement in, let me say, user friendliness and informed navigation between the variety of statistical tools available in their package.


Alexander Kholodov
Hi Brian;

I have implemented and used InfinityQS (IQS) SPC from roughly 2003 through 2014 when I was a Sr QE at a major Pharma/Medical Device manufacturer in PA.   I was also instrumental in starting a IQS international User Support Group in conjunction with IQS.  I was the  Co-Chair of the Board 1st year and 2nd year the Chair of the Board.  I have not worked with it since but know companies (including my old company) still uses it.  I also evaluated quite a few SPC systems prior to going with this vendor, personally performed a quality audit of IQS in Chantilley, VA USA.  We also were using Minitab and our parent company wanted Minitab as the standard.  Through my team's evaluation, I had to present to the parent company (Nestle) why this vendor application was far superior to Minitab (which was not fun),,,  This  SPC system is used in so many diverse industries globally, know this through the international user group sessions each year.  At my current employer we do not use this, we are on a platform called Discoverant and in the midst of a new project going a bit beyond SPC to incorporate predictive analysis to eventually control the processes.  This will also incorporate AI/Machine Learning over time.  Not sure if WinSPC is still around, but I found so many holes in it from a regulatory perspective, it was not good.  Please realize that many years have passed since my initial evaluation so my opinion should be taken as such.
Good luck!
Curt Gendler, CSQE/PMP 
Thank you.
Thank you for the feedback
If you already have it in excel you could also look into SQC Pack, (PQ systems).  I have had some success with that in the past where you can just pull it from a file as is, and whenever the file is updated the software will pull from the updated file.
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You might also look into QI Macros and/or SigmaXL.  Both are Excel addins that will do SPC charts.  No importing required if your data is in Excel.
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Welcome Brian Carson‍! Looks like you've gotten to god feedback already. I might have to check some of those out myself!