New to ASQ and Quality Management
I am totally new to ASQ and new to quality management.  I am looking to gain experience on the best path to take to implement a data quality program into our organization.  I am hoping with my membership to ASQ I will obtain great insight from community members who have years of experience in this field.  I would love to hear from members who can provide advice on any training, webinars or resources that can help me on my journey!
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Duke Okes 1670
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It would be helpful to know what role you have in quality management.  For example, are you focused more on little q (quality of products or services) such as ISO 9001, or big Q (organizational quality excellence) such as the Baldrige criteria.
Hello Francesca Juricny‍ 

I'd like to suggest the Quality Press title Data Quality to you:
It's a very accessible, thorough, and well-written book!

Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Francesca - Welcome to myASQ and thank you for joining!!  The Quality Management division has a lot of great resources and webinars  

Let us know how we can you help you 
Duke Okes 1670
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Don't know if it would be of any value, but ran into ISO 25012 on data quality
My first goal is to build a data management strategy that incorporates building standards to ensure our data is accurate and reliable. 
Thank you Duke!  I will look into that standard.