Hi new to ASQ and looking for Certification in the Software Developement QA
My name is Yami from California. I am on a mission to have many of my peers achieve certification with ASQ in the software development field (SDLC). Our current work in performing Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and want to also add QA certification to our skillsets. Can any one suggest an ASQ course that would be a good fit for Software Development QA? I looked at the Certified Software Quality Engineer, however it requires 8 yrs experience which is high for many of my peers. I would appreciate any suggestions!! :-) Thank you!
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Duke Okes 1670
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Up to 5 years of the 8 years of experience can be offset by education.  For example, a bachelors degree cuts it to 4 years.
Trish Borzon 9
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hi Yamilet - welcome to myASQ!  Yes, Duke Okes‍ is correct - education does count towards experience.  
I checked with our Learning department & they suggested https://asq.org/training/software-quality-engineering-sqe .  If you have a team of 5 or more that you want trained, you may be interested in our group training option https://asq.org/training/group-training.  That being said...I'm not sure when we'd be able to offer in-person training. 
Thank you for promoting ASQ Certifications to your team!  that's awesome :) 
Thomas Reed 1339
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Hello Yamilet, Consider messaging for a conversation with Member name Curt Gendler here in myASQ. Curt is our Philadelphia section instructor of a 10-week CSQE exam prep. Click into myASQ global Events using keyword "Philadelphia" or "CSQE", and also check out his bio on https://www.asqphilly.org/courses/instructor-biographies/  Since Curt might not logged into myASQ too frequently, If you message me I am absolutely positively make sure you two connect.
Good day Yami;
In my opinion, regardless that I teach this course, the certification class if one of the few types of courses which provides the foundation you described, as this course is heavily geared towards SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) methodology especially from the QA perspective.  The following link further describes what Duke Okes‍ pointed out, SQE Certification info where up to 5 years are waved from the 8 year experience requirement is waved, based on the level of education. The link also provides an

That said, one of the advantages of having me instruct this course is that based on student request I also bring direct V&V experience, with concentration on the Computer Systems Validation, which I try to do beyond what one needs to know to prepare for the certification exam to include real world experiences.  My close to 40 years in the computer industry have been in many industries, which have included software development and over the last 20+ years have been in the FDA regulated industry.  Again, this is in addition to the structured course materials, only if the class so desires (have taught some sessions where the students desired the concentration to strictly focus on material to pass the exam and were not interested beyond that, which is perfectly fine).  

If there is any additional information you of your team would like, please let me or Thomas Reed‍ know.  I would also be happy to setup a virtual 15/30min.  session if your team would feel better to ask me directly.  Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Curt Gendler