Can anyone help me answer these interview questions for my class
Jariphat Vichitcholchai 12259
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Hi, My name is Jariphat I am one of the ASQ member and a UCM student. 
I need help for any one who have time and is a one of the ASQ member with professional experience in Lean Six Sigma, can you help me complete the question below and leave it in the comment please because I need to use it for my term paper for the class I take this semester.
  1. Who are you, what industry you working for, and what is your title?
  2. Do you think Lean Six Sigma is sustainable?
  3. Do you have any new idea that you think can improve the Lean Six Sigma process for the future?
  4. Do you have any idea that can make the Lean Six Sigma be more sustainable in the future?
  5. Do you think Lean Six Sigma is important in automotive area and if you need to improve Lean Six Sigma system and make Lean Six Sigma more sustainable in automotive area what are you going to do?
  6. Do you have any comment on the Lean Six Sigma system in now a day?

Thank you very much