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Phyllisia Taylor 12952
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Hello all,

I am Phyllisia Taylor and I enjoy helping professionals take their careers to the next level.
My level of quality experience teeters between mid-career and advanced. I am currently in the tourism industry, specifically the cruise industry. I am thinking through my journey from Greenbelt to Blackbelt. I hope to meet and serve quality professionals on the certification journey by joining myASQ.
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Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Phyllisia - welcome to myASQ!   Hope everything is still ok for you in the cruise industry!  I know you've been hit hard with the Covid-19 pandemic.  
As far as your cert interests, you should check out our Cert Pathways tool - it will show you what you may qualify for bases on your experience and education levels.  
This is a great community to ask questions.  Good luck 
And - of course you should join :) 
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Welcome Phyllisia