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I've just renewed my ASQ membership!  I joined last year as I was acclimating into my new responsibilities at Bayer Crop Science but did not have the opportunity to fully leverage forum, etc and am hoping to do so this year and beyond.  My day to day is a mix of quality management, continuous improvement, and general support for multiple teams.  I am currently co-leading an internal initiative to revamp internal lean training for my division and am hoping to connect with other individuals who have experience in implementing similar initiatives.
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Hi Jeanette,
Welcome (back) to MyASQ.

Let me know if I can ever be of service.
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Hi Jeanette - Welcome to myASQ & Thanks for being a member!  So glad that your getting more involved with your ASQ Membership.  This is a great community to help you along with issues you encounter.  
Let me know if there's anything you need - happy to help :D
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Welcome Jeanette !

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Hi Jeanette, I've found the lego exercise is a hands-on way to introduce many Lean concepts.  You can adapt the basic game to be more relevant to your company, i.e. building a company product out of the legos, etc.  The basic game is here: