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My name is Matt Nelson and I am currently the Director of Continuous Improvement for Kforce inc based in Tampa, Florida.  I have been in the quality field for approximately 15 years mostly within Sales organizations.  Kforce is a professional staffing and solutions company and prior to that I was in the online education field.  Over the past 10 years my engagement in quality focused initiatives have focused on improving the operating efficiency of back-office processes for Kforce.  Like everyone, we are in the midst of a digital transformation "blitz" and I am looking forward to networking with other quality professionals to share best practices, lessons learned and just about everything else in between. 

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Thank you!
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Hi Matt - Welcome to myASQ & thanks for your membership!  I feel your pain in "Digital Transformation"!  Here at ASQ we're doing a lot of that too.  We're using Agile to get through the digital project work, which honestly has it's ups and downs. Mostly trying to get my things higher on the priority list - haha.   
This is a great community to ask for suggestion on getting through your pain points.  If you find you have specific questions, ask them on the general board.  
Good Luck!  
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Hi Matthew Nelson‍!

If you are interested in digital transformation, you might want to check out some of the reports found here
These materials are pretty current and cover a wide variety of industries.  And, access to these reports is one of your ASQ member benefits!
Good luck on your journey!
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Welcome Matthew Nelson‍