I'm currently a Quality Engineer and soon to be Quality Engineering Supervisor. ASQ has a lot to offer from what I've seen. I come from a manufacturing and machining background and hold a journeyman card in machining. From there I was a manufacturing engineer for a couple years. I took my role in Quality in January. So far I love it. I plan on learning a lot and getting multiple certifications on top of my schooling. Look forward to what's to come!
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Will, Congratulations on the promotion & welcome to myASQ!  First I'll say - you should become a member :)  (I am the membership manager...it's in my job requirements).   you should also upload a photo - people respond better when they can see who they're talking to. 
Glad you're loving Quality!  it's rewarding to 'make things better' and work on continuous improvement.  
Check out the new Cert Pathways tool - https://asq.org/cert/ it can be useful to plan your career. 
Be sure to check back here often & ask the community if you have any questions.
Again - welcome!