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Posted by Harry Coifman on Jul 19, 2019 2:10 pm

Hi Everyone. I actually joined a few months ago but haven't gotten around to sending this until now. I been in the Quality Field for greater part of my career, although most of it in Process Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma. Late last year I started a new role with an Engineering Design firm as their National Quality Director. In this new role I am more focused on compliance and ISO9001:2015.
My current challenge is that we don't have a COQ metric, we don't even have means to measure it.
The nature of our business is to deliver projects - mostly engineering designs - which makes it very hard to measure preventive costs or re-work. Has anyone seen a measurement system that works in a similar industry? I suspect this would be similar to a consulting firm - anyone know how Consulting firms measure COQ?

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Posted by Trish Borzon on Jul 22, 2019 9:59 am

Hi Harry - welcome to myASQ and thank you for joining!  I suggest you ask you question on the 'General board' - https://my.asq.org/discuss/viewcategory/98 .  You should get more responses there.  
Good luck!