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Hello everyone,

My name is Mike Capobianco and I am a Quality Engineer in Charlotte, NC, originally from Long Island, NY. I have a MSc in Environmental Sustainability and a CQT certification from ASQ, which I just received on 7/5/19. I work in the Advanced Coatings field so I deal with mainly continuous products like films, coated papers and plastics. Most of the products that I oversee are medical in nature in their final application. I am beginning to get involved on the Process Engineering end of things, though that is in its infancy. My passion is for science and engineering, especially aerospace. I hope to eventually work for NASA or a private company like Space-X or Blue Origin in a quality capacity. 

I look forward to connecting with other ASQ members on here and perhaps meeting some that are local to me.

Thanks for reading,

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Luigi Sille
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Welcome Michael

Welcome to ASQ, Michael!
Trish Borzon
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Hi Mike, Welcome to myASQ and congratulations on your certification!!!  The Charlotte section hasn't moved to the myASQ platform yet.  However, you can find information on activities at http://asqcharlotte.org/

btw - I lived on Long Island for a time, Sound Beach in Suffolk :)  

If you have any questions, be sure to ask the community.