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Atousa Pourfard 4062
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Hello everyone,
I’m ASQ CQA since 2014, and Internal Auditor certified by SGS International on 1998 but not many chances to practice. My work experience is mostly in Quality inspection, I’m NACE 3 and API 1169.
I worked in wide range of industries wherever Coating and Corrosion is a subject to consider: in petrochemical plant and pipeline, Marine and shipyards, Construction, etc. Now, I’m working for a while in Healthcare, caregiver for Alzheimer’s. I’m using my Control Skills to be a good caregiver and good observer. Human side of my job was always important for me, while dealing with project clients, engineers, contractors and especially with paint application teams who are the most fragile part of projects.  
I’m seeking to do volunteer in ASQ, helping others and gathering experience in audit and Risk assessment. I can help from distance or sometimes in your place, if we are close. I’m living in Varennes, Quebec, Canada.
I’m interested in Quality Management as I wish to gather experience for Quality Engineer certificate. My interesting subjects are Statistic, Reliability and Risk Management that I like to be focused on them.
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Hi Atousa - Welcome to myASQ!  The Montreal section hasn't moved over to myASQ yet, but here's the link to their website - http://www.asqmontreal.qc.ca/   It looks like they have a meeting next week, you might want to go & see where you help.  

Thanks for being an ASQ Member! 
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Hi Atousa,
Obviously we are not that fast at responding to these new systems. We recently opened our myASQ community at https://my.asq.org/communities/home/138.
Our next planned event is on March 25th and is entitled Women In Quality - Femmes de Qualité. It is a Buffet & Panel Conference with Veronica Marquez,  MSc, CSSBB as moderator at the Sheraton Montreal Airport at 18h00 PM. It is expected to include some presentation in French. If you cannot attend in person, the we are looking at making a Webex event so you could watch on your screen from Varennes.
JP Amiel,
myASQ Chair