Greetings from Atlanta!
New to the member board, just saying hello.  Started my journey in the US Navy as an Electronic Technician petty officer and continued in this field in the civilian sector. One day I was approached by the Quality Manager at my job about a position on a new team he was starting that at the time I never heard of - the Root Cause Analysis Team. That's where everything changed for me. I became a Quality Analyst and became enamored with working in the quality field. Along the way and a couple of degrees later I decided I needed something to put me over the competition in pursuit of a Quality Engineering position and that's when a colleague of mine told me about the ASQ CQE. A year or so after that I achieved my ASQ CQE and had been looking for a chance to use it. At the time I thought I would have to leave my current company where I really like working in order to make this dream come true, but low and behold a QE position became available here and I was awarded with it. I know for a fact I owe a lot of that to ASQ. Both the Quality Manager and his boss, the V.P. were very impressed with my ASQ CQE achievement and now want other QEs in the department to be certified as well. So thanks a million ASQ you've helped me achieve a big milestone in my career in finally becoming a Quality Engineer...thanks!!!! ☺
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Darrin - Welcome to myASQ!   WOW - what a testimonial for ASQ!  love it :D  So glad we've been able to provide value that has helped your career - that's great to hear.   Hope you'll help others on myASQ to move towards their ASQ goals.  
Thanks Trish!  Anything I can do to help someone else achieve this feeling of accomplishment I have right now will definitely get all the support I can possibly give them.
Trish Borzon
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Hi Darrin, Question for you. I'd love to use your testimonial for an recruitment campaign.  Would you be ok with that?
Hope all continues to go well for you!!
Trish .