ASQ's Top Goal for 2019?
Dawn Caous
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Benito, what do you see as the most important objective that ASQ must accomplish in 2019?
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Hello Dawn, good to hear from you.
Our must important goal is to adapt ourselves to the rapid changing conditions of the world, so we remain relevant to our members and to organizations. So, we are working on our structure, our systems, our products to achieve that. Our members should note that their membership is valuable.
Some specific goals: 
- incremental growth in individual membership --the more we are, the stronger the voice of quality will be heard
- new products for organizations: to help them achieve excellence (assessment tooks, learning products, certifications, webinars)
- sustainability: we are working hard to have a well-balanced budget and to maximice the resources that come from our members and customers
Look forward to continue working with you, Dawn! Best regards.