ASQ transformation
Tim Gaens
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As an European member it is still not clear how the transformation is going roll out.
I see Divisions forced in some sort of limbo state because the tools are not yet in place or working as should.
What is your take on this?
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Hello Tim, thanks for reaching out. I trust all is well with you and yours.
Transformation is focused on providing more member value. This is true for all our members and specially challenging for those members our of the US and Canada, such as you and me. Trasformation is now giving a better representation for international members; we (you) just elected a new Regional Director (a member leader) who will work to bring the benefits to your regions. On the other hand, Divisions are working to make their products and services available to all members no matter where they are. For me, one of the best benefits you will see it to have access to the BoK of all divisions, which will be awsome.
Thanks again, Tim. I am at your service.
Tim Gaens
5 Posts
Hi Benito,

Thanks for your feedback.
I'm really looking forward to see the transformation completed.
I know we are all part of making it happen and ASQ is a large organisation and this means I can take some time.