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Thank you Jennifer! It is my pleasure to be hear. 

Dear Colleagues: look forward to answering your questions and reading your questions.

At your service!

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Benito-  Thank-you for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with ASQ members.  What can you tell us about the future of ASQ?
Barry Colby
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Hello Benito, thank you for chatting to us today. I am interested to hear about your strategic vision for ASQ. 
Hello Jim! Very glad to hear from you. 
I think the future of quality is bright. And so it is ASQ's future. We will continue being relevant for quality professionals, for organizations and communities. And we will continue doing our best to remain the community of choice for those seeking methodologies, techniques and tools to improve their companies and the world. In the future, I see an ASQ with more members and more satisfied members and an ASQ who is providing companies and organizations with solutions that will help them to achieve excellente through quality.
Above all, ASQ will continue to be a member organizations for those, such as you and me, that are passionate about quality.
All the best, Jim.
Barry Colby‍ , you're currently in the live chat and if you have a question for Benito you are welcome to post it here!
Barry Colby
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I may appear that I am. I have no video or audio. 
Barry Colby‍ , the live chat is a discussion board without audio or video. Benito is responding to the questions posed on the discussion thread by typing his responses here.
Thank-you Benito and thank-you for your volunteer service to ASQ !

What can ASQ members do to help increase member satisfaction ?
Dear Delwen: thanks for your interest in ASQ. My pleasure to chat with you.
Our vision is to remain the community of choice for quality professionals and for organizations seeking excellence. 
In order to achieve that, we have strategic goals around indicators such as member satisfaction, number of members, organizational solutions revenue and so on.
Our strategies to achieve that? They are inspiring, challenging, and bold:
- to increase member value and satisfaction; we have specific actions to achieve that; that will improve member retention and therefore, we will grow in membership
- new organizational solutions: that will make us visible for hundres, perhaps thousands of companies trying to achieve excellence; our goal is to have a combination of assessment tools and then learning products that will ve valuable to them.
- operational excellence; with 70,000 members to serve, we are working on ways to be relevant and valuable to EACH of them, since they are so different.
Delwen: I hope you experience some of these changes and that you experience more member value. What a pleasure to have you among us. Thanks for being part of this community and for being the voice of quality!
In friendship, 
Interesting question!!! What can members do to increase member satisfaction.
My own experience: for so may years, I was a "passive" member. Not doing anything at all, a member who was not engage. It is like going to the gym and just sitting there in a bench. Then I started going to Section meetings, got my first certification, and attended a couple of AMAZING conferences. I got a job offer there! Funny.
My best advice: please go ahear and do your best to exploit, to make the most out of your membership. There are so many things that you can take advantage of.
And for member leaders, such as you, Jim: I believe our goal is to help other to make the most of their membership. Thanks to all the leaders who do that!!! That is one of the jewels of ASQ. So many generous quality professionals serving as mentors of other colleagues.