Data regulations
What implications do GDPR or other government regulations have on data quality?
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I believe that depends on the type of data.  For example, if you are using personal data (health records, employment records, credit records), the level of data security and ethical processes increases.  These regulations are intended to protect the individual in light of recent social media events, among other things.  Anytime you deal with data the involves people or information about people (credit, health, contact information), there are going to be added processes and requirements for accessing and using and protecting that data.

Many organizations have their own "Code of Ethics."  As organizations deal with "personal" data, a whole new sub-topic of "ethical data analysis" becomes necessary.  Some graduate programs on data analysis even now include classes on data ethics.

This will, of course, also potentially increase the cost to those who use the data, so building that system of protections in place will need to be something that we provide resources and training for.  Only after providing that can we hold folks accountable.