Seeing the WHOLE measurement system?
I really enjoyed reading your article. Question: How do we break down/reduce the separation between front end and back end of databases/data stores? That is how do we get quality professionals to readily identify both ends as part of the WHOLE measurement system?
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That is a challenge.  First, the quality team must understand the data system itself.  Where does the data come from?  Where is it stored?  In my experience, I've always tried to make some of my "best friends" at work be the IT department.  They know what database holds what information and where the data came from.  Once we know that, as quality professionals, we have to follow the trail back to where the data originates.  Similar to asking the 5 whys, we also ask "from where"... from where...."
As I was thinking about this (in my own job today), we have to momentarily take off our quality hats and put on our IT hats so that we understand the structure of these databases.  As more organizations move to Big Data and data warehouses, it will be important for us to understand not only the structure of the data warehouse, but how to request data from what tables (to the point, perhaps, of even learning to write our own SQL queries, if allowed by the database admin).