How Does Team Excellence Drive Improvement?
What specifically about the team excellence award helped to drive continuous improvement? Maybe the top 3 things.
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Good question :-) 
These Top 3 kind of questions are always tricky. But let me give a shot anyway. 
1. The ITEA criteria ensures our teams do not jump the steps of the improvement methodologies LSS or Problem Solving. The questions asked in the ITEA criteria are almost used like a checklist as we review teams' progress
2. Consistency in implementing the methodology across our companies
3. Enables ranking the teams' performance within each company and  then across the Group i.e. the Group's best projects etc 
Thank you, Prashant! Disciplined improvement and consistency are critical, and having a standard criteria for ranking is a good benefit as well.

One follow-up question - how do you keep everyone engaged in improvement and using the criteria/standards?
Recognition in my view, is key to drive improvement and Excellence. We believe in disproportionate recognition. Here's how. 
1. As a first step, we have a Project of the Year (POY) competition within each of the 5 companies. Those projects are first screened by the senior leaders of that company and shortlisted from say, 80 to 18 projects. The 18 then present to an external jury to be recognized and awarded on that day
2. Winners of the POY for each company come to my office.
3. These winners now go through another review, this time across the Group wherein the jury is international. Jury members from the US, China, Australia, Canada etc.
4. The winners selected here are presented at what we call the Max Excellence Day held annual. Board members, SLT, ++ over 500 staff attend that function
5. Winners at the Max Excellence day get nominated to the ITEA competition  
This process brings about a huge sense of healthy competition among companies, withn the companies, and the grand finale if you wish...the WOW is to come over to the US of A :-) to present at the ITEA. 

That has got CEOs to say, to me...Prashant next year my projects will make it to the US...that's my bet with you. 
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Wow, that's quite a structure!

What data do you use to show the ROI regarding the amount of time and energy spent on project evaluation? I know a lot of companies would struggle with that.
Fantastic! I can see how that structure would work well for engagement. Thank you for sharing!
We don't capture that data. That said, the ROI that we get from driving improvements far outweighs the project evaluation times. Its almost chalk and cheese....yummy cheese. LOL!