Biggest Challenges
Hi Ben,

What do you see with the Quality 4.0 will be the biggest challenges?

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Hi Mason,

Thanks so much for your question! I think the two biggest challenges will be the following:

1. Companies buying into the technology "hype" and throwing technology at problems without a clear lean understanding of their current state process and where & how technology will be implemented to drive that value. This can be avoided altogether by starting from the vision of the organization. Where does the organization want to go & why? And then based on that vision, WHAT capabilities does the organization need to deliver on that. From that WHAT only then should you get into the HOW that capability will be delivered (which technology if any, where in the process to use)
2. Analog Mindsets. Digital requires us thinking about the entire enterprise differently. We have to evolve our Peter Drucker thinking about organizational hierarchies and functions to one of a connected organization, where influence & knowledge flow across all parts of the organization. And we can't ignore that in many organizations this mindset change will have to happen first at the executive levels. We are all biased by what has worked in the past, the success bias, so we need to work to help our leadership understand that the values and ways of working of a digital organization are profoundly more open, more collaborative, more real-time than a traditional 20th century MBA-designed organization.