The Glossary and the BoK
In what ways are glossaries important to a profession, and how do you think ASQ’s glossary fits into the broader body of knowledge?
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I have shared glossary with my colleagues to develop a common understanding of a tool, methodology or philosophy. 
BOK is often utilized by the organizations to develop internal training content. 
We could also use the BOK to potentially develop job description for roles. 
I believe that the glossary is a key element of the Body of Knowledge.  I happened to be looking at my bookcase this past weekend and I had a book that talked about Quality in the 90's, some of the things that the author discusses are now outdated by changes in technology.  By reviewing the glossary on a periodic basis, we can update based on new understandings and perspectives.
Grace Duffy
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I know that there are several Quality Glossaries available outside of ASQ that are used for Certification prep and to take into the exam room. For that very reason, there seems to be a recognition of the value of the Glossary as it relates to a Body of Knowledge. Russ Westcott and I include a basic Quality Glossary as one of the appendices to the CQIA Handbook.