Any Questions for Grace or myself?
Does anyone have any questions?  We are the first to do something like this at ASQ.
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Jim and Grace,
I am struggling with the definition of Cost of Quality.

Glossary defines COQ as"
 "Cost of quality (COQ): Another term for COPQ. It is considered by some to be synonymous with COPQ but is considered by others to be unique. While the two concepts emphasize the same ideas, some disagree as to which concept came first and which categories are included in each".

My proposal: To avoid confusion that Appraisal and Prevention are not due to Poor Quality, All 4 cost categories are typically grouped under COQ. The internal and external failure costs are grouped specifically under COPQ. i.e COPQ is a subset of COQ. We could also separate Appraisal and Prevention costs to COGQ Cost of Good Quality. (Also refer to the book Principles of Quality Cost).


Govind, I tend to take the perspective that Cost of Quality is the high level definition that includes both the Cost of Poor Quality and the Cost of Good Quality.   There used to be a Technical Committee in ASQ that worked on defining it and many of the current perspectives come from that. 
The glossary does not reflect good vs poor quality, as of now.
Grace Duffy
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Douglas Wood‍  Good point. There are two entries. One under "C" for Cost of Quality. The other under "Q" for Quality Costs. How detailed to you think the Glossary should be? Should there be separate entries for Prevention, Appraisal, Internal, External Failure? Certainly, if there is a note for Good Quality, we can include your earlier suggestion for Prevention and Appraisal. Poor Quality could include Internal, External Failure.