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Welcome to the myASQ live chat, Your Turn to Talk Terms.

I’m excited to introduce Jim Bossert and Grace Duffy, two of the subject matter experts who helped revise the latest version of the Quality Progress Quality Glossary. If you've ever wondered about a specific term or definition, or have suggestions for what could be added to the glossary, join the live chat and ask the experts.

To help you participate, please note the following:
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  • Unrelated or inappropriate posts will be removed
  • Questions unanswered when the event closes will be shared with the presenters for follow-up
  • The live chat will be locked and made available for viewing only after the event
Thank you for joining us today. If you have suggestions for future content or events in myASQ, please let me know via the ASQ Feedback discussion board or by email to myasq@asq.org.