A Different Way to Address Waste

Failing to provide a safe environment for workers not only can harm them physically, but also puts the organization at risk of losing money, disrupting operations and stalling production, which can hamper process efficiency. Failing to address safety must be added to the list of deadly wastes to help organizations protect workers, as well as cut production costs, improve quality and speed up production.

Find out about a new method for identifying unsafe, inefficient or problematic areas in the workplace in the article “Time to Stop."

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Janet Lentz
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@Lindsay Pietenpol
You are right on the money, Lindsay! We are typically focused on product and service quality, but if a workplace is unsafe it's almost impossible to achieve quality goals. An unsafe workplace impacts productivity, compliance with regulations, turnover, and any number of other KPIS. Quality and Safety professionals must work together to ensure the management system is optimized.