The June Issue of QP Is Live!
Many U.S. workers feel exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out from chronic workplace stress. The root cause of most of the stress leads back to organizational culture.

This month’s cover story, “Engineering Engaged Employees,” stresses the importance of ensuring employees are tended to and cared for. When they are, they will take better care of customers, driving improved results. So while culture transcends clear definition, there are very decided steps you can take to improve your organization’s culture.

"Fear of the Unknown" addresses change management—something every organization is grappling with these days. All levels within an organization must be actively engaged in any change initiative for it to succeed. This article includes helpful advice and guidance for overcoming resistance and engineering successful outcomes.

"Course of Action" details a four-step process for strategic planning, which forms the underpinnings of your organizational culture and change efforts. While long-term strategic plans serve as a necessary roadmap for continued success, organizations must remain agile and change course constantly to accommodate a rapidly changing environment.


June QP Cover