The May Issue of QP Is Live!

In this month's cover story, “Learning to Let Go,” the author explores how to move on from a leadership position gracefully and embrace whatever comes next. Transitioning away from being a leader means you must learn to step back onto the sidelines and take influence, rather than act or direct.

In “The Right Mix,” learn how the Baldrige criteria can help organizations build a workforce development strategy that actually works. It’s important to note that soft skills—and the attention of quality professionals—play an important role in effective workforce development.

In “Prescribing ISO to Improve Performance,” read about Navicent Health’s ISO 9001:2015 journey. The organization found success by shunning its compliance mentality and pushing toward organizational excellence-related goals, data and trends.


May 2021 QP Cover
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention--we'll make sure it's updated!