Modern Approach - Feb 2021 QP Article
This QP article proposes a modern approach to "better analyze the capability of lean processes..." On p17 of the Feb issue it summarizes Deming's distinction between analytic and enumerative studies as follows: "According to Deming, the analytic approach is appropriate for determining causality among data in a distribution and the enumerative approach is appropriate for determining risk relative conformance to specified tolerance limits."

I attended the very first Deming Seminar for Statisticians (sponsored by George Washington University, conducted near the Detroit airport)sometime in the 1980s, attended by statistical luminaries such as Brian Joiner and Gerry Hahn, at which Deming explained the distinction in great detail. The footnotes of this QP article took me to this link for a 1975 article by Deming in the American Statistician. I am having trouble reconciling that summary statement in the QP article with my own recollections from the seminar nor with the referenced article. What do you think?