Reaction Gauge: Workplace Changes
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many people work, and we must be able to adapt to these changes. For example, many people are working remotely and must be self-motivated to stay productive and on task outside of the office environment. The pandemic also has caused many organizations to speed up their digitization, so employee must have the digital capabilities to keep up with those changes. How else is the workplace changing and what other jobs skills will be necessary during and after the pandemic?
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I'd add the ability to develop adaptive plans (including schedules, resource assignments and milestones) versus prescriptive plans to the list. With the proliferation of Agile one could assume most organizations are already working this way, but I have found many claiming to "Be Agile" still engage in prescriptive, top-down planning, rigid team assignments, and fixed milestone dates.

Another area ripe for development is Trust; assessing the degree to which we trust one another to honor our commitments, to support one another, to allow for life-changing events and to respond with compassion and humility (versus a cold shoulder and indifference) and developing a strategy to improve Trust in the (virtual and physical) workplace. One resource I have found effective is Trust Across America/Trust Around The World.