August QP Is Live!
August is all about Quality 4.0, and we have several articles that will help keep you updated on the ever-changing topic.

This month's cover story,  “Hyper Linked,” is all about super connectivity. There is a learning curve involved in understanding how the Internet of Things—and the super connectivity it enables—will influence the future of product design, innovation and customization. It’s hard to wrap your head around at times, but critical to understanding how these core manufacturing mainstays will evolve.

“Constant Evolution Toward Quality 4.0” asserts that quality must remain flexible and embrace digitization while preserving the underpinning tools and methods. The article encourages us to take a step back and understand the course we’re on—and how we must think about it.

With increased reliance on technology comes, unfortunately, increased crime involving it. “Cybersecurity in the Time of COVID” explains how criminals are capitalizing on pandemic-driven behaviors and the new “work-from-home” normal.

Lastly, much confusion still exists among quality professionals about how Quality 4.0 technologies will change our workplaces and jobs, regardless of an organization’s place in the adoption continuum. If the concept is still fuzzy, or if you’re really looking to dig deeper, check out the new Quality Press book, Connected, Intelligent, Automated: The Definitive Guide to Digital Transformation and Quality 4.0. It’s really just that, definitive. Find more details and a review of the book in this month's Footnotes department.

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