June QP Is Live!
The June issue of Quality Progress is about culture of quality. The cover story, "Transfer to Transform," talks about how the way business gets done—that is, culture—is in a constant state of change. The author contends that operational effectiveness is negatively affected by poor knowledge transfer—but how do you fix it? Find some of the underpinnings and questions to consider for your organization in this article.

Culture is everything. Read an excerpt from author Jeff Veyera’s new Quality Press book of the same name. In “Finding the Perfect Fit,” Veyera describes how to create a cultural dimensions development grid to identify gaps between the culture you have and the one you aspire to achieve. But first you must understand what your culture is today, and some of the deficiencies might be surprising. Once you know, you can work toward the fix.

Read the full issue at qualityprogress.com.

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Steve Best
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Hi - 

I enjoyed the June issue, focused on culture, immensely.

In the "Growth Potential" article, it mentions that culture "... can develop over time organically or be the result of a powerful leader."  Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

In my experience, culture always grows organically based on both (a) the decisions that are made and (b) how those decisions are made.  A leader or leadership team can influence the what and the how of decision-making.  Those living within that culture will draw conclusions from those actions (or lack of action) and proceed in a way that will maximize their short- or long-term benefit from the organization.  In this way, leaders that do not make planned, intentional actions to influence culture will find that a culture has indeed developed organically, probably not the culture they would want.  As a result, it is imperative for leaders to understand the what and how of their decisions and to take those steps with a clear understanding of the affect it will have on the culture.

Thanks again for an informative issue.


Stephen T. Best, MILR, CCP, LSSGB