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Hi, I am Naveenkumar Chilakwad, can introduce myself as Quality Management Professional with specific experience of 20 Years in Construction Quality in Airport sector.

I am sharing some of challenges faced during this tenure of 20 Years.

As I mentioned, my experience in across India and Gulf. I happened to deal with the Construction Manager , Project Managers  and Project Directors. It is a challenge to work in commercial construction projects where priority of Client the commencement of project on/before the schedule to start earnings. For this may be the seniors are ready to compromise with QMS many-times.
Challenges :
  1. Unskilled / Illiterate Construction workforce.
  2. Contractor know the reason of projects and aware of intention of client to be fast, hence takes advantage of this towards compromising the QMS.
  3. Tendering / bidding process lapses. (only Lowest quoted contractor will be chosen, irrespective of his technical capability)
  4. The construction teams never work hand-in-hand with QC team, as QC Teams are called work-stoppers, and this may affect construction team in getting recognition of senior Management.
  5. Lack of Planning the project (in all stages), rather this department is only used as resource trackers.

My actions towards some of above :
  1. Every being on earth needs self-advertisement, and we started arranging the group talks, getting walk-thru together with construction team. Seeking their opinions and recognising their inputs towards site issues.
  2. Arranging the training program to work-force in their own opted field. Issue them a certificate once achieved the results.
Still there are major challenges to be addressed and seeking the best way to address them with the help of ASQ experts.
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Trish Borzon
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Hi Naveen - welcome to myASQ & thank you for being a member!  

it seems that many of your issues are the same as we all face. 
1. lack of training
2. Lack of communication 
3. You get what you pay for - low prices don't always mean good quality 
4. Teamwork gaps
5. Lack of complete planning - silos in work department 

Looks like your solutions would help in many areas.  

Good Luck! 

PS - you should upload a profile picture.  People respond better when they can see a face :) 
Hi Naveenkumar,
Most of the problems you mention are faced by all of us at some time in construction, my experience in the middle east many years ago was similar, you need to concentrate on changing the mindset of top management , it´s difficult but by no means impossible, once you put a control in place to show the costs of non quality and how it can affect the bottom line, you will get the necessary support.