Reaction Gauge: Emerging Jobs
Lindsay Pietenpol 177
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According to LinkedIn's 2020 "Emerging Jobs Report," as automation increases, so will the demand for soft skills. More and more, employers are looking for people with outstanding critical thinking, emotional intelligence, decision making, creativity and flexibility skills. What other skills are employers looking for in 2020 and beyond?
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Amanda Foster 1083
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I know that excellent communication skills are always beneficial. You could have the greatest message in the world, but if you can't communicate it so that others understand it is worthless.
John Elwer 2304
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In "Bullshit Jobs" by David Graeber, he talks about how all jobs have a serving component. (That's not the word he used but I can't remember the right one.)  I think being able to empathize with others so you can anticipate and meet their needs is the most important skill. If you can anticipate what your boss or customer thinks or wants, you can meet that need using your other skills. If you don't know what your boss or customer wants, your other skills won't matter.