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We’ve all been there. Constant stress at work makes us feel sluggish, unmotivated and unproductive. And it may be affecting your health—so much so that the World Health Organization added burnout to its list of official medical diagnoses earlier this year. How do you deal with burnout? Does your organization have any measures in place to help prevent burnout?
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I wrote about this a while back, trying to summarize how my previous company dealt with this. I've recently changed companies and this also summarizes the approach we will be building.

It is the responsibility of leaders “to keep an eye on the well-being of their staff.”  Organizations whose staff feel unmotivated due to stress and burnout cannot aspire to achieve a culture of excellence. Our systems need to be designed to eliminate the root cause for stress and burnout.

Five mechanisms can be leveraged to improve organizational system design: 1) Eliminate organizational issues related to roles, responsibilities and authorities of employees, 2) establish a policy of transparency and effective “bottom-up” internal communication channel to permit employee contribution and recognition, 3) establish criteria for resource distribution, 4) establish a commitment to identify needed training and provide resources for the purpose and 5) establish a systemic feedback loop for analysis and improvement of employee motivation based on periodic measurement of employee motivational levels.

If employees know exactly what their tasks are, without sustained overload, with necessary resources and competence, and recognition for the task well performed, there will be no major system-induced reason for demotivation.

This gets to the heart of Deming’s use of psychology in his System of Profound Knowledge. Lean calls it Respect-for-People. This is all about ensuring our organizations are healthy places to work and thrive.

Originally appeared on my blog - Investigations of a Dog as "Burnout Needs a Systematic Fix"