Women in Quality—September 2019 QP
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September’s Quality Progress cover story, “We ARE Doing It!” is dedicated to women in quality. We asked several female ASQ members to share their unique experiences: the challenges, victories, opportunities and impressions these women have, as well as advice for women just entering the workforce. Find out what they had to say about diversity, and why it’s so important in today’s competitive world.

We would love to hear from you, too! Tell us about your experiences as a woman in the workforce or what you’ve done to promote diversity and inclusion in your organization. Have you ever been faced with workplace issues similar to those described in the QP article? What’s your take on the state of women in quality today?

Nicole Radziwill‍, Jennifer Stepniowski‍, Grace Duffy‍, Sheronda Jeffries‍, Jamison Kovach‍, Binafza Bhattacharyya‍,
Kay Kendall‍‍,
Aimee Siegler‍, Heather Johnson‍, Sejal Chitre
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We ARE Doing it at the Q too!  Fun little show of support for all the hard work that went into this issue.   Cookies and a drawing for a coffee card to anyone who dressed like Rosie.   

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Awesome Trish!! Thanks for the show of support! Love the outfit!