My Quality Story: ISO 9001 Keep the spirit alive/ July edition 2019 on Quality Progress
Hello all!

I would like to know your opinion on my article appearing in Quality Progress in July edition 2019. Do you see ISO 9001 like I do? If not why. Thank you in advance for your comments.

Pedro Rafael Garcia-Diaz 
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The evolvement of ISO 9000 has been apparent. ISO 9000: 1994 and previous version emphasized more likely on individual factors, those factors documented as procedures reflecting the elements in the standard. A vivid description for these versions used to be "write what you do, and do what you write". While, the 2000 version changed its methodology significantly to Conceptual Model (vs. Mathematics Model for other scientific fields) which made all factors working within a holistic and dynamic system. This transformation brought up great challenges to both auditors and auditees in terms of how to grasp the spirit of ISO 9000, and the standard itself embraced more proven management theories and disciplines, left more space for enterprises to implement the QMS in its own business way meanwhile keep the focus on business results, similarly to the structure of BNQA standards.