How to deal with the blurred pages in latest ASQ CQE handbook 4th Edition?
I lived in China, and bought the new ASQ CQE handbook 4E from US ASQ headquarters, but I found three pages printed quality inside CQE handbook 4E were very poor, pls see the attached photos. I also sent mail to ASQ help mailbox to get help, but to my surprise, no any response a from US ASQ bout that. As a ASQ full member, I really need a solution about this issue-------As we know, our association  is for Quality, but we didn't solve it even we already had.
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My apologies for the printing error. Attached are pages 387 through 391.

Should you encounter any further printing errors, or have any questions about the book, please feel free to contact me directly.


Paul O'Mara
Managing Editor
ASQ Quality Press
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Dear Paul, 
Thank you so much for your reply and the attached clear file! I didn't find the other print defects for my new CQE handbook yet so far, but I really would like to mention that the ASQ help mailbox: problem for international mail-----No any response for that several  times, it's real low quality on after-sale service indeed!