myASQ Membership Growth Rate

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myASQ Membership Growth Rate

Posted by Harry Rowe on Oct 25, 2018 8:04 am

I am attempting to plot the growth rate of myASQ membership. At the virtual member leader meeting it was reported that myASQ membership was at 3589 on 2018/09/18. But this morning, the site itself is reporting "about" 3534 members. Has there in fact been a loss of 55 members since 9/18, or is there a different basis for reporting between the numbers from the Virtual ML meeting and the site's count?

The numbers reported previously show a nearly linear growth rate from launch on April 18 to September 18 averaging almost 20 members per day. It that rate continued, myASQ would have more than 10,000 members by September 2019.

But if the membership has actually declined since September, that has more somber implications.
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Harry Rowe Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence ASQ Senior Member

Re: myASQ Membership Growth Rate

Posted by Daniel Zrymiak on Oct 25, 2018 11:29 am

As of Oct. 25:
  • Search Member Directory shows "About 3540" members
  • is the highest number (4068 has not yet arrived)
  • The pace of new members is estimated to be 10-20 per day, based on new profile page
  • Some initial early adopters may have vacated myASQ if they were staff members who are no longer employed by ASQ
The rate and percentage of adoption does not reflect the excellent content which is now freely available to all myASQ subscribers.  The efforts of Jerry Rice‍ , Stephanie Gaulding‍ , Joseph Basala‍ , and Scott Sterbenz‍  to curate and post many excellent articles, examples, and presentations within the Technical Community sites have made myASQ an essential resource for any ASQ member who wishes to extend their personal proficiencies.  The inclusion of other divisions and technical communities will only enhance and augment these excellent resources; an outcome which I am sure will attract even more subscribers and active users.  I am also grateful to contributors like Susan Peiffer‍ and Nancy Nouaimeh‍ and others who posted content from their respective geographic communities.

I think that ASQ members look to their ASQ Leadership and member leaders for personal examples and positive testimonials.  If the leadership is engaged, the membership will follow.  For example, I predict that when the remaining divisions are added to myASQ, even if 25% of their constituent division members are induced to join myASQ, that will drive numbers above the 20,000 mark.  This will be reinforced as more Sections and Local Member Communities are appended to the myASQ Communities portfolio.

Re: myASQ Membership Growth Rate

Posted by Harry Rowe on Oct 25, 2018 3:05 pm


I would be reluctant to equate profile numbers for new members with number of members. Those are most likely assigned consecutively and never reclaimed. During testing, there were likely many new profiles created for testing and subsequently deleted (or worse, abandoned). Also, there is likely an attrition due to members leaving ASQ as their memberships expire. Data I have collected suggests that on average, roughly 60% of new members drop out at the end of their first year. Thus the number of profiles would significantly overestimate membership. (Assuming that myASQ membership is purged at the same time as the ASQ membership database.)
Harry Rowe Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence ASQ Senior Member