Search Function on MyASQ
Jerry Rice
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I brought this up a few years ago and never received an answer. When MyASQ first started you could type a search term into the search box and it would return results from all areas of MyASQ (discussions, files, videos, resources, profiles. etc.). There was a change at some point where the search now is only applied to the discussions. I agree the way we started was too much, but QMD has almost all of it's content going through Resource pages.

My request is: As an ASQ member, I would like to be able to type a search term into the search box and have it return relevant resource pages so I don't have to weed through all the pages to find what I'm looking for. Can the search function be opened up to include both Discussions and Resources?


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Great idea, Jerry! Being able to search both Discussions and Resources would be very helpful.
Luigi Sille
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Jerry, I totally agree.