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I moved to Milwaukee from the Chicago area a year ago and was looking for a new section to join.  I reached out via email to ASQ and got an initial response, but nothing concrete and I couldn't figure out on the web site how to change my section.  As a result I'm still listed as being in my old section,even though I've not been able to attend meetings, etc.  I realize in a COVID world that in person meetings are not likely to resume any time soon, but I would still like to get connected to a section in my area, if someone can tell me how to make the switch.
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Hey Lori! I will email Customer Care on your behalf and CC you in the email. Customer Care will be able to switch the section for you.

I also have the same problem…the website is not easy to navigate. How do I switch to the San Diego Section?

Trish Borzon
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Hi @Jason Bender - Sorry for the delay. But I just looked at your record and it has been updated. Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day - Trish

How do I find contacts for my new section…I have not gotten invites for the monthly meeting yet.


On the run....
Trish Borzon
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Hi Jason - I'm tagging a couple of people from your section here @David Hehir and @Rhonda Hayes are from the Los Angeles Section. @Luis Alejandro Martinez Ramirez and @Adriana Varvara are from the San Diego section. Many sections take a little break during the summer months, this could be the case here.

I'm back to needing a new section again, as well. I've now moved to the Dells area and it looks like my closest section is in Madison. I just emailed them because there wasn't any substantive information on their community page and their web link was broken. Is there anything else I can do to get switched? Also, I was wondering if I can attend virtual meetings for sections in other parts of the country and receive RU credit. Where I live now is an hour from any section and I work full time, so attending in person meetings will be difficult. There are many very interesting online offerings, although few give RU informaton. Thanks!

Lori, Yes, you can get RU credits for listening to virtual meetings. I also had a hard time getting a response from my “new” local ASQ section. No one listed as an officer returned my email. Fortunately, Emily from ASQ chat saw my email and gave me a referral. I think there should be some look into this issue as I have now seen you and another member with the same observation.

Greetings, my name is Corey Harris I'm an ASQ member also in the Los Angeles area and would like to be associated with the ASQ Los Angeles Section.

Hi Corey
Sorry I can?t help you in your search for a section in LA. I?m in Eastern Washington State and am with section 0619. Best of luck with your search.

Corey, you can reach out to Customer Care at regarding your membership.