Using myASQ instead or external websites
Late in 2019, I became a member leader for Section 400, Hamilton. I have been attending the Pulse Calls for Canada and Greenland that Ruth Stanley hosts each month. I believe that during one of the meetings, it was mentioned that myASQ should be the primary method of communicating with members of a section. Also, the costs for external websites will no longer be reimbursed, since the content should be migrated to myASQ.

At the moment, there is very little content available within the section's myASQ community. As well, the external website has not been updated on a regular basis, with most changes taking place late in 2019.

I am not trying to step on the toes of the other member leaders of my section, but I want to try and bring the section into the fold regarding the use of myASQ and all the apps that are available through Office 365. Also, by using only a single repository, it makes records management easier as time goes by.

Is there any information that you can share? Are there timelines for fully adopting myASQ and relinquishing external websites?

Thank you for your time.
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Hello Michel Guenette‍,

I'll respond to your questions offline as they contain questions that have answers specific to guidance from your Region Director.