Expanding your myASQ sphere
Many of us are home these days, looking for something to do other than watching reruns or sifting through emails.  So let me throw out this challenge.  Select the MEMBERS tab at the top of myASQ home page.  There you will find thousands of ASQ members who have joined myASQ.  Between now and April 15th, invite 10 NEW folks to be part of your myASQ sphere.  You can filter by different attributes, search out ones you would like to be connected to, or just randomly add members - whichever way you wish to grow your sphere.  Are you connected to friends or co-workers?  Are you connected with your section or division leadership?  Are you connected with Headquarters staff?  The possibilities are numerous.  It is one way to reach out and connect with someone while practicing safe social distancing. 😉
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Trish Borzon
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I LOVE this idea!  You should post this in the General discussions too - I'm not sure what the stats are from this discussion group.  

Great idea!  I am going to bring up this idea at my board meeting Thursday!

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Holly Lamar
KC Section 1301