Surprisingly Poor Quality in ASQ
I joined ASQ in December and have been sent solicitation to join emails ever since. I have received 4 of them in the past 2 months. I emailed help@asq twice and haven't received a response. As an organization that seeks to be “the thought leader and community of choice for individuals and organizations seeking excellence through quality”, it is very surprising to see that it doesn't have the level of quality needed in its marketing program to only send solicitation-to-join emails to people who haven’t already joined. This is very annoying and makes me question whether ASQ really provides the level of quality resources they claim.
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Trish Borzon 9
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Hi Alethia - I'm Sorry!  I'm not sure how that happened, but do see that I might have 2 records for you (or I think it's you).  I have one with the nasa email & one with a - are they both you?   Also, which email address/mailing address were they sent to?   

Send me a email at to take it off line. 

Thank you for bringing it to my attention.  I certainly do NOT want this to be the new members experience.