Unable to edit title or remove posted video in Eastern South Dakota community
I am the Chair for Eastern South Dakota Section, and just uploaded training video we used for our January meeting to the Video's section of the Eastern South Dakota myASQ Community.  Unfortunately my browser error'd out after it had uploaded and while I was starting to populate the Title for the video.  Ultimately the video is now posted but it is without a title.

I don't see any admin method for me to be able to delete and re-upload with the correct title, and I don't see any ability for me to modify the name of the video myself.  Is there someone that can assist me in this (either providing me the appropriate approvals to be able to do so, or a super-admin that would be able to do it for me?

The title should be "January 2020 Monthly Meeting - What is Reliability?"

Thank you!

Steve Slabaugh
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Steven Slabaugh‍ Since this is specifically pertaining to your community, I'm going to email you directly.