Where can we find notification of ASQ Board of Directors meetings?
Dan Burrows
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Cynthia Nazario‍  Where can we find notification of ASQ Board of Directors meetings?

Maybe this can be posted somewhere here on myASQ (or maybe it is but just difficult to find).

All ASQ Members should be provided the opportunity to attend ASQ BoD meetings in person or remotely to facilitate and promote transparency and involvement and be given enough advance notice to make arrangements to attend.  According to ASQ's Bylaws, "Meeting announcements shall be issued to all Regular Members, shall include the specific purpose of the meeting, and shall be announced at least 30 days in advance of the meeting date."

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Dan Burrows‍ I've moved your post to the myASQ Feedback board since the request is to use the platform for this information. I'll plan to reply here with an update.
Dan Burrows
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Okay - thanks.  It is important that ASQ Members be made aware of ASQ BoD meetings and are allowed the opportunity to attend.

Dan Burrows
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Cynthia Nazario‍ , where are we at on getting the ASQ BoD meeting schedule posted?

And will we make it available for ASQ Members to remotely participate (listen, see, raise hand or member question time slot) in person and virtual meetings?

Dan Burrows‍ We’re identifying the appropriate place on ASQ.org to publish the board’s annually scheduled meetings, and the dates will be accessible to logged-in members. In the meantime, I can share the following board meeting dates for the remainder of 2019:
  • May 22, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm and May 23, 8:00 am-5:00 pm in Fort Worth, TX in conjunction with WCQI
  • August 15, 8:00 am-10:00 am, virtual meeting
  • November 1, 8:00 am-5:00 pm in Milwaukee
Dan Burrows
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Cynthia Nazario‍  , Thanks!
Carole Elm
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I just registered for the Oct 14 virtual (free to all members) Annual Board of Directors meeting.  I don't see this on the events calendar or an email notifying us that registration is open as of Sept 9 (and as required by the bylaws). A year has passed and we still do not have a process in place?
Trish Borzon
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Hi Carole Elm‍ - an email was sent on Monday.  Please check your clutter folder.  I've also added it an a blog post  https://my.asq.org/news/92/1280 and did add it to the myASQ Calendar https://my.asq.org/events/item/60/2230 - please feel free to share with members in your community. 
Thank you!