Doing well by doing good - report on Social Responsibile Businesses
Hi everyone, attached is a report titled "Doing Well By Doing Good" by the Evolution Institute. The report is on Socially Responsible Businesses. The authors are faculty and graduate students at Binghamton University. I have a personal connect to these people and can make introductions if members are interested in their work.
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Thank you for sharing this.  I found the 3 recommendations at the end to resonate effectively with me.
"Interesting" article that seems to lump all of capitalism in the "Greed is Good" worldview [characterizing it as "unopposed"] and due to the lack of a comma...seems to indicate that disruption is a selfish vice.  To be fair, I did some skimming here and noticed that co-oping was the basis for venture-analysis, which is a strikingly different model comparative to private enterprise.  I don't think anyone would have an issue with encouraging for-profits to be more philanthropic, but many already are, and many corporations (those in the "Greed is Good" crosshairs) have launched programs for giving, both internal and external.

I would need to read it at a greater depth to offer an official opinion on the writing, and may come back to it.  The writers obviously have a passion for their focus.