WCQI Raffle Feedback: How Can SRTC Support ASQ Members?
During WCQI, we had people answer a SR question for entry into our book raffle.  In that effort, we received some great feedback, as quoted below: 
  • Provide a simplified approach to helping others use the tool.
  • Offer more training
  • Develop webinars with resources. 
  • Develop a website.
  • Provide a crosswalk for upper management to better understand social responsibility.
  • Email, regular updates to QI tools
  • Provide more opportunities for speaking at section meetings.
  • Share how ISO can impact social responsibility.
  • Collaborate with national or global organizations that local sections can work with as community outreach.
  • Create platforms for healthcare leaders to engage/partner towards enabling patient education and awareness as a whole.
  • Be aware of social responsibility in daily job duties and how to practically fulfill it.  
  • As a food industry member, we need a lot of help with small & very small business support to comply with regulations as well as their impact in their communities.
  • SRTC can perhaps support us with sharing CSR best practices and we could host speakers from here at our events in Dubai.
Any additional thoughts?