SR-Themed Quality Management Forum Winter 2017 edition
Please find attached the Winter 2017 edition of ASQ QMD's Quality Management Forum.  This edition has Social Responsiblity as the theme, and includes 3 peer-reviewed articles of new Social Responsiblity content.  If you didn't get a copy at WCQI from the Quality Management Division or Social Responsibility Technical Committee booths, please download the attached file for your reading pleasure.

Special thanks to the Quality Management Division for their excellent collaboration and sponsorship of ASQ's Social Responsibility Technical Committee and SR in general.

Gratefully and cordially,

Dan Zrymiak, ASQ Fellow and SR QBoK content creator
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This is the link within MyASQ

I remember this Forum and giving it a readthrough - thoughtful contributions from yourself and Jennifer.  I particularly agree with your Greenwashing reference that read:

"Geoff Livingston (2012) proposes that for companies to ensure authenticity in their CSR program, they should align the CSR strategy with their mission, with the problem they are trying to solve, and with seeing the corporation as a family."

SR initiatives MUST originate from an organization's innate desire to see an objective through with fullest genuineness.  Those initiatives must be tied to measures that are central to a company's core values.  If an organization doesn't live it and breathe it, it will not garner the proper resources to be deployed in a manner that maximizes its truest potential.  It may still provide some measure of benefit, but it will pale in comparison to what it could inevtably give the widest spectrum of stakeholders.